Making it clear about Glycerine

CaptureThere is a great deal of conflicting rules about using glycerine in our natural hair products.  Although there is a lot of controversy, the answer is pretty much my standard answer when it comes to questions about natural hair “it depends”.  And that is true this time because your climate, your hair texture and the rest of your natural hair profile all matter when it comes to whether or not to avoid glycerine.

Should you use Glycerine?

As a humectant, glycerine is a life saver for dry natural hair.  It pulls moisture from the outside environment into your hair strands.  As such, it attracts moisture from the other products so your leave in conditioners are more effective.  So what’s the problem?  If the climate outside is dry then glycerine will make your hair dry.  It will pull moisture away from you.

Researchers say the best time to use glycerine in your hair products is when the dew point outside is between 35 to 50 degrees.    Outside of that?  Avoid products with glycerine.

Note here – I went through my cabinet recently and found that 90% of the natural hair products I use have glycerine.  When I asked other Naturalistas and Stylists, they declared the same thing.  Finding products without this humectant is tough but Curly Nikki published a list a while back I thought I should share HERE.

Some love it and some try to avoid it at all costs.  On what side of the fence do you sit?